Our History

A bit of history

Bedfordshire and Luton Archives and Records Service holds a series of countywide registers of alehouse licences for each year from 1822 to 1828. The Bricklayers Arms first appears in these registers in 1824 and so it is reasonable to assume that this was the year of opening. In 1860 the Bricklayers Arms was, with many other licensed premises, conveyed by the executors of Frederick Burr to Thomas Sworder when the latter bought Burr's brewery . Sworder's business was thrown into disarray by this huge purchase and remained near bankruptcy for some years as a result. When Sworder retired in 1897 his business was bought by Luton rival John William Green who immediately floated his newly enlarged company as J. W. Green Limited. In 1954 J. W. Green merged with Midlands brewers Flowers, retaining the Flowers name. This company was then, in 1962, taken over by Whitbread. Stuart Smith in his 1995 book Pubs and Pints about the history of Luton breweries and public houses states that the Bricklayers closed in the 1970s and became a pool hall under the name The Bronx. The house later reopened under its original name run by Whitbread and Shefford brewers Banks and Taylor. Whitbread divested itself of its licensed premises in 2001 but the Bricklayers remains a public house and is a free house. For more information go to www.bedfordshire.gov.uk